August 2014

Nike introduced 3D Printed footwear for NFL
Nike introduced 3D Printed footwear for NFL

Nike’s 3D printed footwear surges through the popularity among the crazy US youths. Founded in 1964, Oregon based Nike, Inc. has made an impression among its users across the world with the products.

August 2013

gModeller for SketchUp

With gModeller plugin, Architects, designers and energy modellers can utilize Sketchup to generate gbXML and IDF files which store the useful information further energy modeling.

Rapid Easy Design - An exclusive plugin for sketchup

This plugin is compatible with sketchup 8 and sketchup 2013. The plugin will be useful to aid with the specification of three H furniture system products. By applying a series of programs it creates an model.

July 2013

Free Lighting Plugin For Sketchup 8

Free Lighting Plugin For Sketchup 8 is a software selection with 58 downloads. The most lightweight of them are LORVis (sized at 178,482) and EditInPlace (sized at 324,535), while the largest one

Instant Terrain new feature - SketchUp Plugin

New feature added to Instant Terrain SketchUp plugin by Vali Architects. Plugin at:

June 2013

Dibac for SketchUp

Dibac for SketchUp is a plugin for architectural drawing. It's a great tool for Architects and for anyone who wants to draw architectural plans using 2D tools and then getting the 3D automatically.

Review: RaySupreme – Revolutionary 3D Modeling and Rendering

I've always been fascinated by 3D modeling and rendering programs. Sadly, I am a "I want it now!" type of person, and just didn't have the patience for learning how to create and place objects, and then wait for them to render.

May 2013

Hirsch3D SketchUp plug-in

Our clients use various CAD and other IT systems to manage their projects, products, customers, quotations, and the manufacturing processes. Our software solutions provide smart possibilities to communicate with the ERP, PIM, price DB and CAD systems of our customers.

March 2013

Raylectron SketchyMesh

SketchyMesh is an easy terrain and shape builder. It is based on the formula z=f(x,y) for a grid where you enter your own ruby formula using x and y. Create terrain and shapes from a grid using formulas in the form of z=f(x,y).

February 2013

Inovus Shading Toolbar Plugin for SketchUp

You could view it from a distance. Get up close. Move around it, look upwards, step inside and even admire the view from the windows. See it in relation to existing buildings and features.

December 2012

Inovus Shading Toolbar Plugin for SketchUp

Perform your own Shading Analysis for Outdoor Street Lights using Inovus' Toolbar for Sketchup and ensure project success on all your solar projects.

Spread3D Plugin for SketchUp

Spread3D Plugin is a utility extending SketchUp scenes functionality. Using it, you can store your groups and components positions, orientations and scale for a given scene. This will allow you to create powerful objects animation in SketchUp and Spread3D.

Thea for SketchUp

Thea for SketchUp is a combination of powerful rendering engines of Thea with the simplicity of SketchUp. Having biased, unbiased and interactive render modes (GPU support soon-to-be-available as well) at your fingertips, inside SketchUp, is an joyful experience.

October 2012

Raylectron plugin for Sketchup

Raylectron is a simple, fast and a powerful photorealistic rendering plugin for Sketchup.

It works entirely inside Sketchup, and the rendering process free Sketchup so you can continue working on your model.

January 2012

Google SketchUp for Game Design: Book Review

This is the time of cutting edge technology. Now game designing is an attractive option of carrier to the young generation. Google SketchUp for Game Design: Beginner’s Guide is a wonderful creation of Robin de Johngh features how to create terrain, building, vehicles, objects and human on the 3D game.

March 2011

SketchUp Animation Plug in review

SU Animate: SU Animate is one of the leading names of the animation plug in for SketchUp. It is compatible with SketchUp 6, 7 and 8 both for WINDOWS and Mac version. This plug in works inside SketchUp and helps you to create scenes automatically.

December 2010

Review of Rendering Software

IDX Renditioner: IDX Renditioner is a wonderful rendering software which works directly inside SketchUp. According to the manufacturer it is "one button easy and powerful enough for professionals."