Ivy Pluggin - Sketchup and Vray SketchUp

Nomer Adona

I have done this POST three weeks ago. Now I want to do a quick guide, how to use it. In case you want to know more about this, I urge you to go back to my old post. This software works better with Sketchup 8, since the skp files of the ivy components were done in SU8. If you want it to work in SU7, you need to resave the files inside the ivy pluggin folder in version 7.

Image 1. Here is a quick screen grab showing the starting stage of the ivy branch (red line below the wall). Also it shows the menu bar of the script.


Image 2-5: Shows the different roll-outs inside the SketchUp Ivy Menu bar.

Let us start creating....
Image 6 : Branches and Stems: Clicking the left key of the mouse will create the ivy stems and branches. Keep on clicking it until you are satisfied.

Image 7: Leaves

I have added leaves. This time I used CTRL+Click

Image 8: Finishing the Ivy. To finish the ivy, all you do is press Shift+Click left mouse button.

Images 9-10: Adding the second Ivy. First I rotated the model, then repeated similar steps as mentioned above.

Image 11: The final Ivy Model.

HERE is the final render using Vray SketchUp.

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