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Waybe: to build with SketchUp models

Subhra Bera: Editor

As we all know that SketchUp is the awesome software and the helping hand of the architects or designers and with its new and improving features it creates the design process more easy and lively. Here we can read about the new plugin or application Waybe that allows the 3D models print as a paper. The paper is simply a cut-out of any design, on which users can show their magic by cutting it or folding it as per their need. There is glue that recreates the magic. Download this new thing hurry for experiencing g the magic.

Sketchup is a 3D software which works on both Windows and Mac machines. People are not only impressed by its ease and simplicity of its working process but the speed by which a 3D model can be created is also wonderful. This application also supports the add-ons installation which has made it more powerful. The list of the features is so lengthy that makes the application more popular among the users.

3D warehouse is a vast and open library where SketchUp users can upload and download 3D models for sharing. Anyone can make, modify and re-upload content to and from the 3D Warehouse for free. The different software like AutoCAD, Revit and ArchiCAD can be downloaded from here for free of cost. Trimble is currently investigating and creating 3D developer partners to make more professional. SketchUp designers can visit 3D Warehouse for discovering new products or for creating new designs.

The SketchUp Waybe plugin is one of the most practical and original add-ons that anybody can install on their computer. Waybe has brought something amazing like any digital design to the real world. It is like cut-out or a paper model o the 3D model building created with SketchUp. This plugin creates plans with faces and edges of the volumes. The patterns are prepared for printing on paper. Then the cut-out is cut, folded and glued as it can draw those important elements into a cut-out.

Videos of the SketchUp Waybe plugin in action: The first video shows about the SketchUp’s interface with several built models. In the video one can see that there is a square wheel, a polyhedron and a tank design. These designs are materialized in a paper model. This plugin makes up a 3D model a printable sheet by printing each element. The faces like cut, fold and getting object are drawn for making up the volume.

The second one shows the detailed of the exploded view of the tank. There are also provided more details about the possibilities of this unique tool. For more information and details please visit the link:

Waybe: to build with SketchUp models

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