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Free SketchUp plugins for download

Subhra Bera: Editor

It is known that Sketchup is the easiest and the best tool for modeling and designing for the architects. Google has obtained this software in order to the crowd-source the 3D modeling of the earth. For this thing anyone can use this software in their house or school or favorite building. This software is fast and also very simple to use and appropriate for all, but that doesn’t mean it has less features.

Everyone can use it and it is free to download. There are many options available on the free standard version of SketchUp or for more option another version SketchUp Pro is available. The both versions can be extended via plugins. All the two plugins are very useful and free.

The first plugin is Soap Skin & Bubbles. This plugin is designed by a German engineer Josef Leibinger to help the users in the study of mechanically and freshly strained surfaces. The author has also developed a new plugin for tensile structures and it would release later. But without that development anyone can play with the tensile structures in this plugin. This type of plugin can be downloaded from their website for free and there are several video tutorials on The SketchUp Show.

And the second plugin had developed by the Integrated Environmental Solutions that allows the users to elect important sustainable design information such as location, different buildings and rooms, various construction and HVAC systems in the SketchUp model. In this option various works can be done like energy, carbon, daylight and solar analysis or the model can be taken with all this information in the BIM software. This also allows to More info and helps to download the IES Sketchup plugin website. These two helpful tools are there as a help of the design process with the ease of use of Sketchup.

For more videos please follow the link

Free SketchUp plugins for download

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