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SketchUp Plugins for Structure TrussFab Made of Plastic

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

Till date, different experiments and innovations have been made with SketchUp. But this one is indeed the creative one that opens up another perspective of the 3D modeling software. SketchUp has already been proven as an effective tool for designing real objects and its applications go far beyond your imagination. SketchUp has been used as the primary tool of designing TrussFab structure, which is new in concepts and ingenious in appeal.

TrussFab is the system of fabricating a large structure that is strong and tough enough to withstand the human weight. The process has designed a large-sale structure made of plastic bottles where bottles are used as beams instead of bricks. Node-links are used to keep this fabrication settled always, even in loads or pressure. The best thing is that it does not require sound knowledge in engineering and designing.

Phd researcher Robert Kovacs has recently created a large-structured trussFab using the plastic bottles. His team from Human Computer Interaction Lab from Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany has given a complete support to achieve this high. They made an end-to-end large-scale structure which is sturdy enough to stay unaffected.

The use of plastic bottles and 3D printing joints make the things even easier to construct for the team.

TrussFab uses plastic bottles to make rectangular trusses that are called the building blocks for designing a large scale TrussFab. SketchUp is offering TrussFab plugins that allow users to design the structure digitally prior to the construction. This plug-in also converts an existing structure into TrussFab one smartly without your intervention.

TrussFab SketchUp Editors has primitives that are used as building blocks for designing the model digitally. Generally, tetrahedron and octahedron shapes are available for designing trusses. Once the model is complete, the plug-in generates 3D model file for each node, which can be sent to the 3D printing.

With this SketchUp plugin, 3D printer and necessary materials, anyone can try their hands at designing TrussFab. This fabrication of large-scale structure made of waste materials gains popularity across the world. Designers also exhibit their creativity by making different models using the rule of TrussFab.

TrussFab presents an amazing application of SketchUp. Before this, the 3D modeling application has been famous for many creative projects like designing a playground with waste materials. The playground has become a successful venture in distant areas in the world and it earned appreciation from government and non-government organizations.

SketchUp Plugins for Structure TrussFab Made of Plastic

TrussFab is also gaining publicity as the nascent designers come up with plans to design big structure. SketchUp is the core platform where designers can test their skills virtually.

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