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How to Make a Hole in a SketchUp Model

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

SketchUp seems to be the easiest platform in 3D designing with easy-to-learn tools and features. Still, users sometimes stumble with issues in their designing. Putting a hole in SketchUp model remains in the query list of designers always. Though many SketchUp forums discuss the topic with a great interest, designers feel blank why they fail to draw holes in their models. The content brings out some interesting ways with which one can simply solve the problems. The ways mentioned here are suggested by users themselves as no one can understand your problem better than them. Information singularly presented how to put a hole in a SketchUp model.

Tips required drawing a hole in SketchUp model:

• Push/pull tool is designed to perform the work we are talking about. You have to know how to use the tool to drill a hole into a model. To draw a hole in your design, you must select a shape of the hole and choose push/pull tool. Push the shape area until the pop-up menu shows On Face. If the hole is not enough deep, the model does not create the feature in question.

The picture above shows that it pushes the shape to the face of the design.

• You need to have a perfect square wall for this feature. If you do not have the same, the application will not work.
• The circle that you want to make a hole in must be attached with the model. You can simply follow the steps: Draw surface > Draw a circle on surface > delete circle inside > Push Pull the rest of the surface. One thing you must ensure that the circle must be attached to the surface. Otherwise, the push/pull function will not work. To create a hole in a solid model, you need to draw a circle > ensure the circle is attached to the surface > push pull to the back of the face.

To check the circle whether it is attached or not, you need to move the circle after it is drawn. If other geometries move along with the circle, then it is attached to the surface.

For video tutorial:

Drilling a hole correctly is not a completed thing of SketchUp. If your design follows the right measurements, you should not have to be worried about using any functions SketchUp is offering to you. The above-mentioned information is described for those who face the similar problems.

How to Make a Hole in a SketchUp Model

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