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The Material Dialog Box in SketchUp

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

SketchUp has tools and plugins that add a touch of reality to the design. The presentation of SketchUp distinguishes the application from others as it successfully brings the reality of 3D design to you. The material box, as the name defines, gives color effects to the design. Material dialog box appears differently in the windows and Mac versions.

To open the material dialog box: Windows > materials

Generally, two types of materials (colors and textures) are available in the SketchUp dialog box and you can apply either one as per your need.


Solid colors are available in the dialog box and you cannot use the gradients. You can make the color of your choice.


Texture in SketchUp is a small image that is applied to the face of your design until the face gets completely covered by the image. For example, if you want to design a brick face, you need to click the brick icon image several times to fill up the surface. There are many textures available in SketchUp, and they indeed add an interesting touch to the design. If the already existed list seems not enough, you can download more from Google SketchUp website. You can also download paid textures and can make your own format.

More about SketchUp materials:

• You can make the materials translucent by adjusting the opacity slider. This adds a clear visibility to your model in the Windows.
• Textures have transparent areas also that allow you to see through the faces you are texturing on. The black spaces on the texture may look inappropriate, but they come up with a wide range of benefits.
• You can also edit a material as per your choice. This is basically the work of the advanced designers and they know how to handle the materials properly to make a perfect 3D model.

• Photo texturing is another thing that will help you get the model as per your expectation. You can apply photos instead of colors and textures to cover the surfaces of your design. This feature brings in a new change in the work flow and pushes the limits. Those building models for Google earth will take benefits from this feature.

These are the few things about dialog box that make your designer easier and simpler. This feature gives your 3D design a complete sense.

The Material Dialog Box in SketchUp

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