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Developing a table in SketchUp

Subhra Bera: Editor

Tim Killen has wrote a wonderful eBook on woodworking and the in every chapter of the book there is a modeling detail of a piece of furniture like table, window, door etc. The book is named as “SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers” and the details are described there with tutorial videos and descriptions.

In the ninth chapter of the eBook, Tim has described the process of creating a nice Chamfered Post Table; it is a 1700 model and is one of the famous pieces made by Wallace Nutting in his Book “Furniture Treasury”. Tim has named the chapter nine “How to Begin and Develop a piece of Furniture” in SketchUp which is a very good sample to start and grow the original woodworking used in workshops.

Using SketchUp for modeling is actually a good idea as it will give a furnished draft of the original model which will be followed in time of original working in workshop.

Tim’s eBook is full of detailed and understandable steps with many still pictures, texts and tutorial videos. In his ninth chapter he started making the Table from developing and sketching the main structures like legs, stretches, sides and backside etc. and all the four edges of the legs are unique here called chamfers. These unique chamfers are closed with a flat triangular finish which gives the legs a mix look of old and classic with uniqueness.

In real without perfect planning or sketching, making these chamfers is not an easy job but in SketchUp, chamfers are started to making from one leg component and at last it ends by making all the four sharp and designed legs. Tim used various tools in SketchUp to give the chamfers their perfect look.

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Developing a table in SketchUp

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