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Christmas story in SketchUp

Subhra Bera: Editor

SketchUp is one of the most used software for 3D modeling and design tools across the world and SketchUp team works with a motto that is “SketchUp for everyone”. From their beginning they are continuously working to provide their users better and smarter experience in work than previous. With SketchUp and they have published so many tools that will be useful for designing and modeling.

As a result of their constant improvement now-a-days it has been using by hundreds of thousands of architects, engineers, contractors, woodworkers, artists and other people from various fields. The team is also working on SketchUp Pro, LayOut, Extension Warehouse and the 3D Warehouse for designing each and every little object from motion centers to treehouses and many more.

Christmas is one its way and celebrated by most of the people in world with cheerfulness that become a huge celebration all over the world. In the outer countries especially the winter countries have lots of plans for this grand day and the festive mood starts from the beginning of December and SketchUp’s offices are not behind from that celebration. TY Schalamon has created some wonderful LED-star lights for decorating Christmas trees and made the print out and designs of the LED star lights with the help of SketchUp.

TY Schalamon is a user of SketchUp and works as a member of the Knowledge Team who provide Technical Support for SketchUp. In his team he has to work on fixing problems of the users and try to improve the support system to provide better help to the users. This article is a brief of the work of Ty for the Christmas.

Ty thought to make some variations in Christmas tree this year and he started to draw his idea in Sketchup that resulted print out of a LED-lit star for the Christmas tree this year and discussed about that. He also uploaded those models of LED-lit star in the 3D Warehouse so that anyone can use them for decorating his/her Christmas tree.

The unique part of the printing is that the models should be printed at 0% filling and they don’t need any kind of support. Ty also made snowflakes in SketchUp and for them he used a SketchUp pattern component method and kept the sides of all the snowflakes same. On the base shape he used a dodecahedron and then raised the edges up to a fixed point for every star point.

Dodecahedron is term used in geometry which is like any polyhedron that has twelve flat faces, also has three meeting at each height and represented by the Schläfli symbol.

After fixing the edges of the stars he used Fredo6’s Joint Push Pull tool for fixing the thickness to a perfect size that should enough thin to not filling while printing but should be enough thick to be strong. After that he added a certain fit sized hole in the bottom of the LEDs and send through STL export into the slicer software to print.

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Christmas story in SketchUp

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