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SketchUp Makes 3D for All

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

Nowadays 3D designing has become a widespread topic, and everyone wants to learn designing with three dimensions. SketchUp is the software application that is accepted hugely by the designers and architectures because of its user-friendly tools and extensions. The application unmistakably makes the designing for all with tools and plugins. Both experts and beginners share their pleasurable space in the application with an equally beneficial way. There are complex applications designed specifically for the advanced users. The simple tools are developed simplify your experience when you step into the world of 3D as a beginner.

Let’s talk about the simple tools that make various gigantic rules easier for you. These days, even children are using SketchUp to bring their imagination into reality. For the beginners, there is a basic modeling technique that tells you how to make models on this application.

If you need more sources for enhancing your knowledge, you can choose the ‘help’ option where you get official documentation of the SketchUp. There is also an instructor that guides you to become pro in SketchUp. The instructor menu will help you understand the tool you are using. A general window will be open after clicking on the instructor menu that tells you the proper application of the tool. For example, if you are using a circle tool, then the instruct menu will show you the tool operation and the instruction keys.

Interface and Program Set Up:

After installing SketchUp on your operating system, you can access to the SketchUp application rightly. At the beginning, it was a rather clean appearance with ground plane (green), sky (blue gradient), three axes and a modeled person.

Tools and features are available in the screen menu option of the SketchUp, or you can follow the steps – view > Toolbars

Working with SketchUp Tools:

Extensions – this shows you the installed extensions also called ‘plugins’. As default extensions, you will find sandbox tools with a few other names. You can install new extensions with clicking ‘install extension button’. The unnecessary extension can be disabled by unchecking the box located just beside the plugin names.

Files – you can choose the location of your hard disk for storing models, components and materials. The location is set up by the SketchUp installation directory generally. It also allows you to make a separate location where you can store your custom components.

General – it contains different important setting that will help you maintain a smooth workflow in the SketchUp. ‘Create backup’ is such a tool that must be checked for backup of your data in case of sudden crash.

OpenGl – these setting gives you the idea about how the application graphics work. It also denotes how much your SketchUp is responsive when you work on it. If you have a quality graphic card, then you must not worry about any run programs error.


SketchUp Makes 3D for All

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