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Know about Edges and Faces of 3D model in SketchUp

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

Though SketchUp provides you with the simplest way of designing, it needs a proper knowledge of models to sketch an object correctly. Like other software application, it also follows a few steps you should know about them completely before starting your 3D design in the application. In designing, edges and faces play a very important role that makes your model the same as you want. Though all edges are not visible in a model, they exist in the design like other components. You also have a complete idea about the faces of a design. Otherwise, you will end up messing surfaces. The content discusses the importance of faces and edges for designing a model on SketchUp properly.

What are edges in your design?

Edges are basically lines of your model. SketchUp provides you with different tools to draw them as per your design. Different tools perform different tasks to give the edges the perfect shape, and you have options like erase, move, hide and stretch the lines. Here are a few facts about the edges of 3D models.

• Edges are straight
• They do not have thickness – edges are lines and they come up with no thickness.
• 3D models have many edges but you do not probably see every line of the objects.

What are the faces of your design?

Faces are mainly the surfaces of the model you are designing. There are a few facts that you need to learn to have a complete idea about the faces. Knowing deep about this segment will help you draw a design accurately without making any mistakes.

• Faces always come up with the edges – faces would not be formed if there were no edges. It is said that you need to have three coplanar edges to design a loop.
• Faces are flat – faces are flat, but you may think about the curved faces. Generally, curved faces are made of multiple flat faces.
• Faces do not have thickness

The relationship between Faces and Edges:

Since edges and faces are the core objects of a 3D model, you have to have a comprehensive knowledge about them. The content discusses further the inevitable relationship shared by these two important parts of your design:

• SketchUp generates faces as soon as you complete the design – there is no face tool available in the SketchUp. It generates automatically with your design. A face is formed by the three coplanar edges.
• You can erase face, but cannot stop the application from generating faces.
• A face will be eliminated if you delete the edges that define the face.
• You can recreate the missing face by retracing the edges – if your design misses a face, retrace it by using line tool that detects the edges and draws the face for the design again.

Edges and faces prove to be the main things for designing 3D objects in SketchUp. Having complete information about these two will assist you in designing models and objects creatively.


Know about Edges and Faces of 3D model in SketchUp

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