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ArtVPS introduced SHADERLIGHT 2016 (4.1)

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

ArtVPS recently launched SHADERLIGHT 2016 (4.0) with some new and advanced features. SHADERLIGHT 2016 (4.0) completely supports sketchup 2016 (sketchup make and sketchup pro).

The architect, interior designer, 3D rendering expert can use this latest version of shaderlight to produce realistic design as well as superior images and animations directly out of sketchup.

Given below some of the newest features :-

Shaderlight 2016 (4.0): Section Plane Rendering

• Active section planes in the model are now rendered through Shaderlight, if the render is developed through SketchUp 2014 or later. With this new feature, the users will be able to render photorealistic floor plans or sectional views straight from SketchUp.

Latest Skylight Portal Placement Tool

• The old skylight portal placement tool is substituted with a new version that facilitates the users to choose any pre-existing face as a template for the portal. It will allow users to generate portals of any shape that can be produced with any of SketchUp’s in-built drawing tools, as well as with various third-party extensions.

MOV Files Saved With Background Visible (OS X only)

• While rendering an animation to a MOV file, Shaderlight now saves the movie with the background apparent rather than black.

Shaderlight 2016 (4.1)

• Shaderlight’s skylight portal placement tool becomes simplified to be applied with lots of enhancements made to this popular new feature.

• Shaderlight's Cloud rendering plugin user interface becomes more improved for the users who like to transmit their renders to the Shaderlight Cloud.

• Shaderlight’s rendering resolutions are upgraded and now consist of two supplementary pre-sets enhanced for iPad and iPad Pro screens thus simplified the process for demonstrating Shaderlight renders to clients.

Download Shaderlight 2016 4.1

ArtVPS introduced SHADERLIGHT 2016 (4.1)
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