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“Spin It to Win It” – An exclusive 3d modeling & 3d printing contest by Shapeways & Gravity Sketch

Rajib Dey - Editor-in-chief

Gravity Sketch, located in London, has introduced a smartphone and table based 3D sketching app. There are a slew of powerful brushes which can be used to coherently produce 3D lines, shapes, and uniform models with a single click.

In this regard, the well-known 3D printing service bureau Shapeways in collaboration with Gravity Sketch has organized the “Spin It to Win It!” contest, to use the full potentiality of the 3D sketching app. The participants have to apply the 3D sketch app to generate an exclusive and innovative model of a spinning top. The last date of Submissions for the “Spin It to Win It!” contest will be by June 23, 2016.

The judge panel will include representatives from Gravity Sketch and Shapeways, who will be liable for choosing the top eight designs on the basis of uniqueness and creativity, perceived physics, aesthetics, and the best application of the Gravity Sketch app. As soon as the top eight designs are chosen and 3D printed, they will be published on Facebook Live ( The top three spinning designs will then be nominated by the judge panel, which involves Shapeways Community Manager Andrew Thomas, designer and Shapeways shop owner Dalton Bissell, and other assorted members of the Gravity Sketch team.

During the first round of the competition, the top eight selected designs will be 3D printed by the service bureau, then, the top three designs will be decided upon and awarded with the prizes. The participant ranked with first position will obtain $100 in 3D printing credit, while the participants ranked with second and third position will be awarded with $50 and $25 in credit, correspondingly. These three winners will be selected and revealed throughout the week of July 11, 2016.

As a rule, competitors should download the 3D sketching app on their iPad (, the app itself supports iOS 8.0 or higher versions. Next, just use the ground-breaking features offered on the Gravity Sketch app to generate a unique spinning top design, which must be uploaded to Shapeways via your account upon accomplishment. Finally, all the entries must be distributed on your Shapeways product page under the tag ‘GravitySketchTop2016’. Each participant has to abide by the guidelines ( prior to participate in the competition. The Shapeways users who come from United States or the United Kingdom, will be eligible to participate and all the entries must be purely designed with the Gravity Sketch app.

Gravity Sketch
Image Courtesy:

Gravity Sketch
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