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The developers can now access Nvidia’s Iray Rendering Engine technology for creating stunning design and visual effects

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

Nvidia just declared that the developers can now directly access Iray rendering engine technology for the first time in their life. Iray is specifically designed for 3d professionals to provide amazing design and visual effects with the integration of physical rendering to mostly recognized 3D content creation software like Autodesk Maya, Revit and 3DS Max through a logical lighting model that provides output similar to actual photographs.

In order to produce photorealistic imagery, the creative professionals can use Iray rendering engine technology for effective design and visual effects by applying 3D content for this purpose. It offers an innovative solution for performing high speed interactive renders and superior visuals to create realistic imagery.

The most striking feature of Iray is that it perfectly foresees the final results of designs. The developers don’t have to pass through several prototype phases to make their design error free. It also consists of photorealistic interactivity facilitating the users to walk around variations in reality at the same time as in the design or review process.

There are new Iray plug-ins to measure efficiently over all the cores and processors in the user’s system.

3D Content Creation Software

The users can access Iray technology through Nividia’s new online store starting with plug-ins for Autodesk 3DS Max. It will also provide support for Nvidia’s new distributed rendering solution, Iray Server, which is available in open beta. Iray plug-ins are available as 90-day free trials for now and later on the users have to pay $295 for a year.


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