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Interview with Amgad Sabry, Architect of American International Contractors, Inc.

Interviewer : Rajib Dey (Editor-in-chief)

My name is Amgad Sabry. I'm 29 years old Egyptian architect. I was graduated from Minia university, Faculty of Fine Arts in 2008. Since then i worked in many projects in Egypt and outside Egypt. I worked also during the last 6 years in many consulting companies as a designer and working drawing architect and now I'm working in contracting and construction field.

Well, I'm responsible of preparing working drawings and shop drawings of the project in site. Also, coordinating between electro-mechanical drawings and architectural drawings, preparing material submittal and purchasing requests for all architectural packages. Beside doing some quantity surveying and pricing.

I usually use Auto cad or Revit architectural and Sketchup for sure. Also, i usually use lumion and 3d max with v-ray to render the images and Photoshop for final presentation.

I became passionate about sketchup during my study in collage. I used to use sketchup to generate 3d presentation for my projects. It was fascinating how fast and easy to use and the results was amazing. I used to use sketchup since then.

Interview with Amgad Sabry

Skechup is a very fast and easy to use software with a lot of fixtures and possibility. It can transfer your thoughts and ideas within a seconds to reality. You can easily see your ideas or dreams come real in a matter of no time. It can help you also to improve your ideas. You can say that it positively affect your ideas and improve it into reality.

It was a mega tourism project in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. It was very big and difficult to model and render.

It made the visualization process more fun and easy. It simplified the process as it very easy to use and full of useful fixtures. Beside that. It made the process of schematic design and concept design very easy and more accurate. It can give the designer and visualizer a full and well studied image about the idea or the project.

The new tools that was added to the software are very helpful. The software itself became more friendly, more fast and more easy to use and also more fun. it made the process of designing 3d models more enjoyable and fun. You can really depend on it in exterior and interior design.

I think in the future the developers will add a fixed fixture of BIM system. In this case it will be more amazing and nice.

Interview with Amgad Sabry

Don't hesitate. Free your mind and try to think out of the box. Believe in your self and your ideas and the most important thing is to enjoy.

Interview with Amgad Sabry

Very useful and very helpful.

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