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The 2nd edition of “Architectural Design With Sketchup” is published by Alex Schreyer

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

Alex Schreyer, the Director of the University of Massachusetts’s Building and Construction Technology Program, recently published the second edition of his exclusive sketchup book alias “Architectural Design With Sketchup”.

In this sketchup book, Alex give emphasis on how to handle textures as well as become efficient with components, extensions, rendering etc.

Architectural Design with SketchUp is arranged into five primary sections: component-based modeling, extensions, rendering, making, and Ruby scripting.

This book is supported with an informative website alias where one can get lots of useful resources like sketchup tips, news, sample files, 30 tutorial videos (12 free ones!) as well as options for live chat with Author.

The book briefly describes the importance of Component-based modeling as well as future aspect information modeling.

Architectural Design With Sketchup

By reading this book, one can learn how to generate, develop, and arrange components as well as how to author parametric components with dynamic attributes, categorize components with industry schema, and produce take-offs from your model.

In this second edition, there is completely a new section alias Alex’s “Making Things with SketchUp” chapter where Alex has explored some of the most recognized digital fabrication methods like 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting, even 2D printing. These are supported with a primer for modeling advice, file prep, export considerations, and pre-fabrication instructions for functioning with other software programs.

This section is only about 30 pages long, but Alex gets remarkably hands-on around some important workflows.

Aidan Chopra, the renowned SketchUp Evangelist and Co-Founder and Creative Director at Bitsbox, has made a brief review of this excellent sketchup book. Please go through the following link to get the reviews.

Architectural Design With Sketchup

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