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SketchUp Style Builder

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

Style Builder is new software to create your own unique styles that you can use and share for SketchUp. You can use strokes drawn in any medium (oil pastel, quill pen, burnt stick) to make your model look hand-rendered.

Non Photo Realistic styles can make your models appear hand-rendered, super-technical, and everything in between. You can create, save and organize Styles as well as share Styles with others. With a single click, you can quickly apply a style to any model by selecting it from the new Styles window. Styles provide a unique way to visualize models within SketchUp.

Make your own sketchy-edge Styles for SketchUp

Turn models into sketches: Showing a hand-drawn sketch does two things: It abstracts detail so you and your client can talk about what's essential, and it communicates that your concept is open for discussion. With Style Builder, you can create personalized sketchy Styles that tell the story of your design.

Brand your models: The Styles you create with Style Builder are completely unique. When you apply them to your models, you'll have computer models that look like you made them. After thirty years of CAD, isn't it about time everybody's drawings stopped looking the same?

Use any medium at all: Your Styles can be based on any mark you make, in any medium. Marker, pencil, crayon, burnt stick, technical pen, ballpoint, gouache, smudgy finger, pen and ink, highlighter... You get the picture – anything.

The Style Builder Plugin will only work with SketchUp Pro (not the free version of SketchUp).

System Requirement for SketchUp Style Builder-

  • 1 GHz G5
  • 512 MB RAM
  • >200 MB of available hard-disk space
  • QuickTime 5.0 and web browser for multimedia tutorials
  • Video card that is 100% OpenGL compliant
  • 3-button, scroll-wheel mouse

*Note: If you consider buying a new machine then please pay extra attention to the graphic card. On Windows, we recommend boards with a Quadro FX 1500 and higher chip from nVidia. These cards support OpenGL very well and are very stable because of quality drivers. OpenGL is the 3D system that the Operating System uses for generating 3D display information and therefore is very important to SketchUp Pro.

Download SketchUp Style Builder

SketchUp Style Builder

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