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How Sketchup Pro was utilized to create the design and modeling of a port handling facilities and instruments

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

SEA-Tech, a recognized port handling and engineering company having expertize in transportation, warehousing, and other port related works, has applied sketchup to make the port logistics process superior. In this project SketchUp Pro was used to create the design of port handling facilities and instruments. Besides, Sketchup Pro helps to systematize operations and assist clients with technical solutions. All the 3d models for various storage facilities and handling machines are created with Sketchup Pro.

SketchUp Pro generates the instant modeling concerning the placement of the machines as well as dock for the verification of how each new incoming ship is loaded.

By using SketchUp Pro, Sea-tech gets the ability to obtain technical aspects of the installation and produce the master plan required by the contractors.

Initially, Sea-tech use SolidWorks to generate the 2d drawing of the project and it is imported as a Dwg to Sketchup Pro to quickly envisage the installation & execution of the mass handling designs.

Besides, various dynamic components and scenes are utilized for the designing of the movements of mobile machines and the master plans associated with access and roads.

The design team members get the ability to estimate the volume of any shape designed through a machine with the Solid Tools inside sketchup pro.

Keyframe Animation extension is utilized to comprehend a promotional 3D movie directly in SketchUp Pro, and this animation runs in the model or exported in complete HD.

Sketchup port handling

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