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Best way to clean 3D printer

Debamoy Ghosh

There are so many attractive technique to advance the performance, as well as strength and sturdiness, of a 3D printer. This is an up-and-coming industry, thus modernization, discoveries and improvements in the way things are done are continually being discovered. It’s oftentimes the small developments, and ideas, which make the major divergence.

This is certainly the case with a little machine called the Universal Filament Filter, created by a company based in Sweden called Creative Tools. The main part is so small that it can be 3D printed within an hour. What it does, is help to clean and oil filament use in an FFF/FDM 3D printer.

Once the main part is printed, a minute piece of foam, or a sponge, should be cut to dimensions just about the size of the 3D printed part. This piece can then be pushed into the hole within the filter. Once this is done, you are ready to feed the end of a reel of filament in through the hole, making sure it goes directly through the sponge situated inside, and out the other end. It may make it trouble-free to cut off a little piece of filament on an angle, so that the end of the spool is sharp and can more easily pass though the sponge.

Now, just add a little bit of mineral oil, which can be found at almost any convenience store, to the sponge, and you are ready to go.

The filament filter should be placed somewhere in the area between the reel and the extruder, so that the filament which is fed into the extruder first passes through the filter.

What the filter does is oil the filament, while also cleaning any dust or other particles from it. In doing so, you will reduce the strain on the extruder’s motor, making it last longer and perform better. In addition, the filter will prevent clogging of the extruder caused by dirty or dusty filament, an all too common problem users run into with desktop 3D printers.

This video will restore you more knowledge.

Best way to clean 3D printer

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