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What are the best things to do with Sketchup

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

Apply keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are very useful to save significant time while creating complex models with sketchup. Sketchup includes a wide array of shortcut keys which can enhance your drawing process. You can also customize and create your own shortcut keys by selecting Layers, Standard and Tool Set according to your choice. There are also predefined set of shortcuts inside sketchup. The quick reference card consists of various keyboard shortcut lists. Every version of sketchup contains its own reference card. One can export keyboard shortcuts for allocating amid other copies of sketchup. One can go through the window menu, select preference and then shortcut menu. In order to load it, just press the import button (available in shortcut window) and choose “preferences.dat.

Watch tutorials. There are also several useful video tutorials on sketchup which help to learn how to use sketchup for 3d modeling, visualization, rendering, animation, wood working projects etc. These videos will help you to learn the basic and advanced features of sketchup. Besides, one can also learn the application of various tools inside sketchup. Google provides a series of sketchup video tutorial on their site. These short videos focuses on all ranging from the SketchUp tools, to advanced SketchUp uses, LayOut, Style Builder, as well as using SketchUp with Google Earth. You also visit some good third-party sites.

Download pre-defined objects. While designing objects with sketchup, you can save significant time through Googles Bonus Packs or getting materials from the world's largest repository of free, high-quality, 3D content which can be utilized in your models.

Edit pre-made objects. Any items of these pre-made objects can also be customized. You can use or remove components stairs, counters and bathtubs. Press edit/component/explode and you can maneuver all the individual parts.

Apply layers. One can take help from layers in SketchUp to perform specific tasks smoothly as well as create your models neatly and make them workable. Gather your knowledge on how to apply layers and utilize them mostly in your designs. Here are some good tips.

Be trained at moving objects in sketchup. Sketchup can be a handy tool for moving objects. If you face any problem in manipulating objects, just get help from keyboard shortcuts. The arrow keys demonstrate the direction, and shift will be applied to lock in movement along a specific plane.

Explore innovations. Discover the new features of SketchUp and apply them for diversified applications. Test new things ranging from scaling the drawings from a photo or designing crafts or other fun projects.

What are the best things to do with Sketchup
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What are the best things to do with Sketchup
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