SketchUp - some tips and tactics

Debamoy Ghosh

SketchUp is known for its speed activities. It is a quick 3D modeling programme. It often uses as landscaping architects. SketchUp is not so tough to learn, but it takes some time to become expert in this trade. Kevin Pfeiffer, writer of has come up with this article. We made an excerpt.

Yes, there are some shortcuts to save the time; still it will take some time to learn. We are trying to present some tricks for your help:-

How to lock axis: Functioning shape on 3D space on a 2D screen is not simple. There is much confusion taken place automatically. If you shift to a circle, you may feel that it would go up along y-axis, witnessed that goes along z-axis. In that case you have to use arrow keys for locking the axis. The up and down arrows are Y-axis (Blue) and in the left, the Z-axis (green), then turn right x-axis (red). The movement will be known from here.

Arrow Keys To Lock Axis
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Use of array tool: Many people simply copy and paste the sketchup shape objects and other things. Many people also repeatedly try Ctrl+v to paste it. It is suggested to use AutoCAD array tool for speedy use of sketchup.

Watch this video learning:

Photoshop for vegetation must: Sketchup has many downloadable options (3D Warehouse), but while growing vegetation, the file size creates a problem. The best rout is to use Photoshop with PNG format.

Use Photoshop For Vegetation in Collage Making
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For Large Tool set: see this flow chart

view> toolbars...> large tool set.

The Large Tool Set
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Hotkeys: If the designers wish to speed up the project, then they can use hotkeys. Follow this: window>preferences>shortcuts to obtain the page. SketchUp has developed a list of shortcuts and hotkeys.

Custom Shortcuts/Know Your Hotkeys
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Plugins: These are made for enhancing the capacity of SketchUp. Click the links

Side count for polygon:

This video tutorial can guide the designers.

Selecting by click: The Selection on the screen is a major problem in Sketchup. Count the number of click and then, select the face and the face and edge and the whole of the object.

Knowing How To Select With Clicks
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Measurement tool: The designers need to syn into the measurement, angle and rest of the data into sketchup. This is the similarity between sketchup and autoCAD that designers do not need to select the textbox contributing data.

Understanding The Measurements Tool
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There is also a ruler tool which marks line on XYZ.

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