How SketchUp Originated and Activated

Debamoy Ghosh

Many people ask what is sketch. Some artists believe in manual sketch and some have traditionally gone for digital. They generally use sketchup.

But there is a question that why it is sketchup? There could be many more, or why we use digital sketching pattern.

There is also the technique of manual sketching. Some people say it is now impractical, tough to learn.

The growing question is in the creative world that manual sketching now obsolete? What is the fundamental idea of the digital tool in the architectural design?

The three stage of architectural design:

  • Schematic
  • Development
  • Documentation

There can be physical and mock-up model. The digital revolution, the primary design using pen or pencil, paper drawing, concept building into 2D and 3D can be presented.

Architects start to build up designs and make construction documents, but the schematic design procedure was not really computerized.

The changing scenario: 1960

The computer-aided design (CAD) started to originate a new direction to research, speedily applied to architectural business.

The changing scenario: 1970

It became a commercial product for sale.

How SketchUp Originated and Activated
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The changing scenario: 1980

This is the age of personal computer. This is also the year where Autodesk started to work.

The computer-aided designs – architectural and engineering were started to come. The old generations of CAD programs stays mostly drafting tools on personal computers.

These things are prepared by the engineer, but they were typically not designers. They need architectural draft and design.

The changing scenario: 1999

The search was on for an alternative programme which is for architect. They also need CAD. But an an alternative programme was much of the requirement. Later @last Software was born and various sketching programme were developed.

The changing scenario: 2000

SketchUp was born in August 2000. Now it can be said that SketchUp is easy-running software. A 2D drawing can be alternate into 3D drawing. But more importantly, it can be done sharply. This is an award winning programme.

The changing scenario: 2006

Google bought it in 2006. Then it was known as Google SketchUp. SketchUp is based on AutoCAD – function, icons, form-creating, manipulation and rendering command.

Skill, experience, easy to use, simplicity, interface, accessibility are they main factor.

How SketchUp Originated and Activated
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The programme has a tri-parted design process -- schematic sketch design, mass study, presentation for alternative design. It can be implemented in easy process – interior design, rendering and construction sketch. But it cannot cope with complex sketch and realistic rendering.