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Author : Natasha Sikdar - Content Editor

SketchUp Free and Pro version (2013 & 2014) Released

SketchUp Free and Pro version (2013 and 2014) is a collection of Video Graphics authored by Jean-Luc Clauss. This training video is highly useful as it helps in mastering drawing and communication with SketchUp 3D 2013 and 2014.

It is essentially very useful for users of the free and pro version. The collection presents Earth and its environment that includes screen interface, toolbars, settings, etc. It also aids in learning how to shape concepts starting with simple 2D drawings before moving quickly to 3D. Users can also see how to make and change modeling. The modules reveal the art of establishing an orderly and hierarchical modeling with precise routes. The modules are devoted to the optimization model and users can also see techniques to monitor and control at any time each step of the work.

SketchUp Free and Pro version (2013 and 2014) also discusses visualization techniques like how to select a point of view or a mode of representation and save, dress the 3D texts and quotations model several methods for a successful record, with the Styles dialog boxes and Match Photo. Users can also know how to export their reports. Several sequences detail the techniques professional layouts listed and wide through the LayOut extra software included in the Pro version of SketchUp.

The main steps of this training ends with a practical: the modeling of a house will serve as a common thread, the first sketches of modeling the final presentation. Using Style Builder, included in the Pro version, will be explained by an application step by step, showing how to create his own style of drawing freehand and how to apply the model drawn in SketchUp.

The collection concludes by presenting the user in a specific module, the latest of the 2014 version of SketchUp. All the examples in this training and all source files are available for download so that the user can perform all the manipulations presented in this video. Modules Video includes:

  • Introduction to SketchUp
  • Models
  • The work environment SketchUp 2013
  • 2D Drawing
  • Exploration, selection and masking entities
  • Drawing in 3D
  • Travel and modifications 2D and 3D
  • Ranking groups and components
  • Control and optimization modeling
  • Display Model
  • Dress Model
  • Model Rendering
  • Export Model
  • SketchUp Optimization
  • Drawing lines and shapes in Layout
  • Inserting and Managing Files in Layout
  • Management and pages Layers
  • Publishing and available features in Layout
  • Wrapping paper in Layout
  • Layout of the document in Layout
  • Style Builder
  • New Earth 2014.

Published by Eni Eds SketchUp Free and Pro version was released on April 2014.

SketchUp Free and Pro version (2013 & 2014) Released

SketchUp Free and Pro version (2013 & 2014) Released

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