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Author : Rajib Dey - Chief Editor

Luminon 4.5 will be available for commercial application on May 2014

Lumion 4.5 will be launched in the market very soon with more than 100 enhancements and improved character models library containing new models and animations.

Lumion 4.5 comes up with superior shadow functions which produce high detail shadows as well as sharp looking shadows in long ranges.

The users can experience significant improvements in workflow areas. The users will be able to import content from one project into another project. The content browsers contain the option to characterize favorite items to discover them instantly.

The most important improvement areas are described below:-

New Character Models and Animations: Lumion 4.5 Pro consists of 24 new character models. The models enhance indigenous variety of the character library and also offer various new animations and poses.

The new models contain diversified business people, people engaged with sporting activities, people sunbathing and even some people swimming. The users can transform their visualization to real world through these new models.

Superior Shadows And Reflections: The shadow effect now comprises an option for three quality levels. This facilitates the users to generate ultra sharp shadow edges up to a level where one can view the individual leaves of a tree.

The latest advancements specifically enhance the quality of aerial shots and sun studies.

The users can sketch superior quality Glossy surfaces by eliminating mistakes and get better filtering of the reflections. The amount of blur now perfectly symbolizes the glossiness and seems to be smoother. Light reflecting off surfaces are also improved with the elimination of distracting visual inaccuracies and this results in improving overall quality.

Workflow Enrichments: Pro users get the ability to load their .ls4 file into an accessible scene. After choosing a file the options is there to import light, models, imports or any combination of them.

Within Photo and Movie mode, the users can now copy-paste personage effects as well as save and load total effect stacks.

The content browser facilitates the users to include models to your favorites list to locate them easily in near future. If the users allocate one or more favorites, a new tab will be visible amalgamating all your favorite models.

Moving, rotating and sizing models now present more detailed control. With the new user edge, the users can type in values or apply sliders to orientate size or position models.

Automated Lights: Lights now contain an additional setting to be effective automatically at night. They can be randomized for not being turned on all immediately. If this feature become active, the users can generate a stunning effect for night scene by animating the sun position.

Configurable Sun And Moon Disc Size: The users can directly manipulate the size of the moon through a movie or photo effect and produce artistic images.

Pricing And Availability: It is expected that Lumion 4.5 will be available for commercial application on May 1st 2014.

This existing users of Lumion 4 can avail the 4.5 version at free of cost. If the users already possess a license for Lumion 4.0, they will get an email with the download location automatically following the release date.

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Luminon 4.5 will be available for commercial application on May 2014

Luminon 4.5 will be available for commercial application on May 2014

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