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Author : Global Associates Team

Autodesk launches Cloud-Supported 3D Character Generator

Autodesk adds a new wing to its cloud based application by introducing Character Generator. It is a user-friendly web-based application that facilitates the users to produce customized, improvised and animatable 3D characters virtually.

After completing the design, the users can utilize the characters for a wide array of applications like populating game scenes, mastering animation and modeling, producing models for pre-visualization, design visualization and lots other. Character Generator necessitates five cloud credits per high-resolution character download in favor of clients on Autodesk subscription or rental plans. Students and educators can avail the product at free of cost. Besides, anybody can also avail a lighter version of the application at free of cost for generating low-resolution and crowd characters.

Character Generator was formed following customer’s opinion incorporated during the development, and consists of a powerful library of pre-built male, female and creature characters. In order to produce exceptional characters, the users can apply perceptive slider and selection functions by mixing and morphing the physical characteristics of the pre-built models which range from body traits to facial features, skin color, hair styles, clothing and more. Once completed, the users will be able to leverage cloud credits for exporting their 3D works to leading software like Autodesk Maya, Maya LT and 3ds Max for more customization and animation as well as utilizing in game engines like Unity through Autodesk subscription or rental plans.

Character Generator contains the following exclusive features:

  • A wide-ranging collection of male, female and fantasy characters, by which users will get the ability to merge two dissimilar sources to form an original design.
  • Select from indefinite virtually collection of skin, eye, hair, clothing and shoes.
  • Targeted blending options to filter characters for each feature basis.
  • Any characters can be saved in the cloud and altered in the future as required.
  • Autodesk subscription and rental customers can get access to a body, bone and blend-shape facial rig collection that is well versed with Autodesk HumanIK middleware to facilitate keyframe, motion-capture or facial animation in Autodesk software.
  • FBX and Maya publishing options for clients on Autodesk subscription or rental plans.

Autodesk launches Cloud-Supported 3D Character Generator

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