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Author : Global Associates Team

GKWare Door Maker plugin for Sketchup

Gary Kernan, having huge experience over 15 years for creating cabinet and curved staircase building, has developed Door Maker plugin for sketchup. The plugin is compatible with SketchUp 7, SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013 and available in Chinese, English, French, Russian.

Door Maker plugin for sketchup facilitates the sketchup users to produce parametrically dialed cabinet door components for various types of cabinets containing diversified sizes, styles and textures. The supplementary textures can also be added. The users can effortlessly settle these components inside their design.

There exist 7 types of styles that range from plain, shaker, square, arch, cathedral, double arch and double cathedral.

The users can select 15 types of wood grain textures. There prevails an Image folder having textures as well as a texture.txt file. With the help of the proper naming conventions, just include both a horizontal and a vertical texture in jpg format. As for example maple_hor.jpg and maple_ver.jpg and provide a single entry in the textures.txt file. The users will also be able to reschedule the order of the textures in the textures.txt file.

Follow the below mentioned steps for generating doors:

  • One is European style cabinets. The users can apply it with a single click. Put up the size concerning the door and door gap as per your requirements. The door is included and placed to the right by the gap amount.
  • The second step is click and drag or click and type in the width. For this purpose, the lower left hand corner of the door is placed accurately where you click.

Downloadable link

GKWare Door Maker plugin for Sketchup

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