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VisualARQ 1.8 - BIM and Architectural Tools for Rhinoceros

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

VisualARQ is a useful free-form architectural software for Rhinoceros that can generate architectural interiors instantly. If you want to include architectural features and parametric architectural objects in 3d modeling & 2D documentation, then VisualARQ is best fit software.

VisualARQ contains the following exclusive features:-

  • VisualARQ is a powerful feature-based editor to produce and edit parametrical objects.
  • Generate lights and allocate materials to objects, to obtain superior quality images of interior and exterior architecture.
  • Simplify any architectural project design and create complicated architecture design with curved walls, free-form surfaces, free-form beams.
  • VisualARQ is completely based on Rhino interface which involve Rhino-like menu, toolbars and command’s behavior.
  • The Grasshopper Components add-on facilitates the users to deal with VisualARQ objects directly from Grasshopper.
  • Cut sections, make plans. No matter how complex your design is. Save time getting all project documentation automatically from the 3D model.
  • VisualARQ allows you to generate floor plans, sections, elevations, surfaces, dimensions, and all object information from any 3D model.
  • VisualARQ offers a standard 2D architectural representation of the 3D model in real time.
  • If any modification is made, all drawings are automatically updated.
  • Model through 3D smart architectural objects.
  • VisualARQ contains an extensive library of parametric architectural objects like walls, beams, Columns, Windows, Doors, Slabs, Stairs and Roofs.
  • Any object can be easily generated, altered and edited at any time.
  • There is option to produce custom objects, styles, and object libraries.
  • Import your Autocad 2D files as well as create them in Rhino. Transfer lines in 3D walls, roofs, slabs, etc. with single mouse click.
  • VisualARQ includes BIM (Building Information Modeling) features to Rhinoceros by linking geometry and object data and export files .IFC file format.
  • VisualARQ supports other Rhino plugins for architecture like Grasshopper, Dynamic Display, Paneling tools, Savanna 3D, etc.
  • VisualARQ material manager supports materials of all render engines having compatibility with Rhino.

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VisualARQ 1.8
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