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Sketchup creates shaker bench

Debamoy Ghosh

Preparing a custom project is not so easy. There is a requirement to ready every single part always. The project can be created custom. Simply the user has to take a stock at it and add a personalization. Author Randy Maxey has written on this issue on

This construction (Shaker-style sitting bench) is a very simple construction. The conventional shop tool (CNC machine) has been used to make it. The maker can add CNC or hand-carved detail too here or both in the rail.

The overall size can be altered too. But it will depend on the appeal of the customer. This is basically a blend of power and hand tools. The carpenter’s hand can be help for carving. Here in this construction, only 4-5 poplar are used. It was going to add carving details to the rails, the carpenter used basswood. The rails are 3/4″thick.

Even, the final size can be altered as the customer’s choice. The legs are connected to top with wedged through tenons in unlock mortises in the pinnacle. The rails contain 1/4″-deep dadoes on the rear that fix into 1/2″-deep notches cut into the legs.

The legs of the table are connected to the top of stuck by tenons in open mortises in the top. It gives the rail the favored power that they should have.

This consents the rails to provide power against racking without the use of bind. The carpenter should the bent outline on the legs and rails at the group proverb and sanded them flat with a swing spindle sander.

The rails were embossed before meeting. For end product, the monument was tinted with acrylic paint. A coating of linseed oil was permitted to cure for 24 hours before it was lying. There are three coats of water-type polyurethane. The plan of the bench added the facility to personalize it for each customer makes it alluring. It’s a well-liked project that acquires a lot of awareness.

Sketchup creates shaker bench
Image Courtesy:

Sketchup creates shaker bench
Image Courtesy:


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