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Skalp sections and patterns for Sketchup

Skalp sections and patterns for Sketchup

Skalp has been designed and built as an easy to use yet powerful Live Section Tool. It represents the key missing features needed to realize a long standing dream: Create stunning construction documents inside SketchUp.

„I don’t use cad anymore! SketchUp, Layout and Skalp is all I need.” - GW., architect

Skalp sections and patterns for Sketchup

„game changing”

The Skalp development Team has its roots in architecture and 3D software, but that does not mean Skalp is intended for architects only! SketchUp is being used in numerous disciplines nowadays, which is why we intended Skalp to be as 'generic' as possible. This means we do not want to change or disrupt the user’s existing workflow: Skalp should support whatever is already being done in SketchUp, yet simply offer the ability to create superb drawings as a game changing bonus.

„a joy to use”

Skalp takes SketchUp's standard Section tool and puts it on steroids. It literally solidifies your cross sections. Offering automagical updates and a great user interface filled with relevant features, making it a joy to use.

„I have been using Skalp from the moment it was released and it has changed my workflow dramatically.” - Jason Wolfe-Daimpré, interior architect

Integrating Skalp in your design workflow is intuitive and effortless. Sections fill while the model changes. This holds true even during group or component editing, nested or not.

„super easy”

Skalp sections support drawing scales, line widths, line colors, fill colors and even transparencies. Skalp’s Pattern Designer creates tileable SketchUp textures from standard CAD pattern files. Just import your own, preview, use and tweak them, it is super easy.

„very powerful”

Skalp Styles: tailor your sections exactly to your needs. Apply separate drawing scales and looks onto section cuts being used in multiple scenes. Manage them with ease.

This is what Skalp Styles are all about. You can use tags, layers, textures or other meta data to customize your own representations. Skalp offers a very powerful yet intuitive way to manage section representations.

Skalp sections and patterns for Sketchup

„great output”

With Skalp your drawings In SketchUp Pro’s Layout can superbly replace your traditional cad plans.

Or you can integrate your SketchUp / Skalp designs in your prefered cad based workflow: we’ve integrated DXF export with vectorial hatch definitions.

„Skalp is a hugely useful plugin and is worth every cent you pay for it.” - Edson Mahfuz, architect

If you want to know more about Skalp, visit our website at

Skalp sections and patterns for Sketchup

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