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Author : Warunyoo Songkran

My story with Sketchup

My name is Warunyoo Songkran. I am 36 years old engineer from Thailand. I work for a small consultant firm named “PREMIER ENERGY CO.LTD. I am an environmental engineer. I finished my master degree from Chiangmai University, a most famous university in the north region of Thailand.

I started my work with PME 6 years ago. My work is to design a biogas harvesting system to capture the methane-rich gas and use it as renewable energy. These kinds of projects are getting much attention now; this is due to the rising price of fossil fuel.

To improve my performance of work, I am now applying 3D CONSTRUCTION MODELING to my daily work. 3D CONSTRUCTION MODELING is very new for Thai engineers. I am not sure if one (In Thailand) can understand even the meaning of it. But for a short definition, it is the simple 3D digital graphic model in which all required engineering information is attached into each component that are contained in its model. This information-rich 3D model will be used many times as the main tool to exchange or detail information about all kind of individual work, activity or process in the project life cycle. Visualization is one of the most advantage of it use to enhance the collaboration between each individual or organization who are involved in the project. If it is used in the right direction, it can significantly reduce time and cost of the implemented project.

My story with Sketchup

As everybody does, I spend most of my life working at my office. However, in the weekend I always go back to my home in Kao Yai (one of the most famous tourist attractions in Thailand. At Kao yai), I normally spend my simple life with my girl friend and my dogs in the morning and go to teach my students at small primary school not too far from my home (I do it for free in the hope that the students will have better future.) . Every weekend, 5 to 10 years old students eagerly wait for me at the class. They are now learning how to make a 3D model by using free 3d software TRIMBLE SKETCHUP. Sketchup is known as the best 3d modeling program in the world (with more than 30 millions user all around the globe). Sketchup is very easy to use, small children can learn and use it within few hours. One of my students can draw his dream house with high details such as walls, columns, doors and windows within 18 hours. It is amazing even for me. They could be grown up to be the best engineer or game programmer of the world.

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