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Author : Bob Lang

Building Blocks of SketchUp

“Building Blocks of SketchUp” is the best way to learn the basics of 3D Modeling with SketchUp. With 260 pages of illustrated text, with 50 embedded video lessons this enhanced PDF format book will get you started, whether you are a teacher of elementary school students, an AutoCAD veteran architect or a hobbyist who wants to plan your next project.

Building Blocks of SketchUp

Based on my experience teaching SketchUp, and my previous book “Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp” this new work focuses on the common things new SketchUp users struggle with and provides detailed methods to understand what happens while working in SketchUp. When you have command of the basics, you can model anything.

Click Here to Read More About Why I Wrote This Book and to Preview one of the 50 Videos.

The enhanced PDF format makes this book easy to use as you learn 3D Modeling with SketchUp. You can find the information you need instantly because the entire book is “searchable” in Adobe Reader, and all entries in the table of contents are links to the pages they describe. There are also bookmarks for each chapter, chapter topic and video. The videos are within the pages so you don’t need to download them, fire up your media player or head to You Tube in the midst of learning, just click on the clearly marked videos and they begin to play.

Click Here to Read More About the Enhanced PDF Features of this book

Last but not least are valuable references included with “Building Blocks of SketchUp”. There is a handy guide 2-page guide to Navigation (one of the common struggles), a one page Cheat Sheet for keyboard shortcuts (one of the best ways to speed up your modeling) and a 40-page guide to the Basic Tools of SketchUp, an ideal way to learn and review what each tool does (along with how and why it does it).

Click Here to Read More About the SketchUp Tool Guide (and Download Sample Pages.

“Building Blocks of SketchUp” is independently produced and published. Your purchase directly supports the author and designer of this book. It is now available at an introductory price of $34.95 as a download until December 1, 2013. It will be available on disc around November 1, 2013, delivered to you by US First Class Mail for $39.95 with free shipping to US addresses. ($6.00 shipping for international orders via US First Class Mail)

After December 1, 2013 prices will rise to $39.95 for downloads and $44.95 (+ moderate shipping) for books on disc.


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