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Author : e-on software

Philadelphia University to Use LumenRT for GeoDesign

e-on software, the leader in 3D Immersive Nature technologies, recently announced that Philadelphia University has joined the LumenRT Luminaries program and has adopted LumenRT as part of its core GeoDesign graduate program.

The Philadelphia University GeoDesign program is the first of its kind in the United States, applying GIS technologies to solve sustainable design problems in response to an overwhelming need for professionals in the field. Visionary GeoDesign professor and former director of enterprise GIS for the City of Philadelphia, James Querry leads student work with advanced technologies including GIS, workflow modeling, 3D modeling, BIM and innovative visualization techniques while they help develop and test new tools that inform future industry software.

"We are excited to be working with e-on software and LumenRT as part of our MS in GeoDesign curriculum," explained Jim Querry, professor of landscape architecture and GeoDesign. "The real-time, 3D immersive visualization capabilities of LumenRT provide a seamless and engaging mechanism to showcase design and planning projects."

"Philadelphia University is leading the way forward for advanced GeoDesign studies and we enthusiastically support this cutting-edge program," said David Burdick, vice president of marketing at e-on software.

"We look forward to helping Philadelphia University advance its state-of-the-art 3D GeoDesign studies and train the next generation of innovative minds serving this growing field."

Philadelphia University to Use LumenRT for GeoDesign

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