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Author : Corpus Christi

King Students Utilize Minecraft for 3D Modeling Education

Students at King High School will be taking part in a 3D modeling educational journey, using creativity and critical thinking skills to create an interactive learning environment based on a historic event.

And get this -- they will be using the help of a popular video game called Minecraft.

"There's an inner kid that wants to start building stuff, and this is the way to reach into it, because it has everything a person likes," student Rudy Mata said. "Video games, building, fun with friends. Anything you want."

"This is just a great way to start learning how to build, animate on the computer," student Lee Muro said.

It's called the King High School Minecraft Project. Over the next several months, students in King's Digital Technology Class will embark on an educational journey using ideas based on the popular video game. "Rez Day," as they call it, are the first steps students will take towards virtual reality integration in the classroom.

"Part of the TEKS for this class is virtual spaces, 3D environments, and I wanted to find a virtual space that would be good to work with kids in the classroom," teacher Katherine Hewett said. "And right now the students are crazy about Minecraft."

It's all about making learning fun, and introducing these bright young students to the latest technology.

King Students Utilize Minecraft for 3D Modeling Education

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