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Author : Rajib Dey

Augment Reality and Sketchup

Augment Reality and Sketchup

Augmented Reality is the latest technology that combines real world with digital world in real time. In this system a 3D model is superimposed on a video feed for producing illusion to ensure that the model is a material object in the real world.

Augment Reality provides huge benefits to the architects as they can bring the 3D models and combine them with video recording and present to the clients by positioning them to the real world.

The users should require a webcam, a printer and have capability to export any 3D model into obj, .wrl or .ase formats. As for example, if the users make a 3D model in Sketchup, 3ds max or other 3d modeling softwares, they can have a glimpse of it on their desk. The users can transform any 3D model in the real world by incorporating Sketchup (free download), an Augmented Reality Plugin (free trial version), and a webcam.

Augment Reality can be applied with a website, presentations, sales pitches, video games and lots other.

Augment Reality can acquire information from what we observe encompassing us and cultivate valuable information from the internet. We see this type of application with Layar. Layar is a browser used for Android Phones which obtains the GPS location of the user and draws information concerning that area and superimposes it on top of cell phone camera feed of the user. The utilization of Augment Reality is also found with Google Goggles. Google Goggles is an application for Android Phones through which the users will be able to surf the web with the photos already snapped on your mobile. In order to apply it, just open the Goggles app on your phone, snap a photo of that picture, and get search results all about it.

There are lots of plugins based on Augmented Reality. ARmedia is the most wonderful plugin for Trimble Sketchup. The Development Lab of Inglobe Technologies has developed this plugin.

With ARmedia plugin, the sketchup users can envisage their 3D models beyond the digital workspace directly on their desktop as well as in the real physical world encircling them by linking through a webcam and by printing an appropriate code.

By applying the Exporting feature, the augment reality files can be generated and distributed separately and envisioned on any computer with the freely accessible AR-media™ Player. The process can also be executed if the sketchup as well as ARmedia plugin is not installed. The users will be able to produce their own SketchUp™ Augmented Reality models and allocate them to their clients as autonomous, stand-alone files and allow their clients experience such models in Augmented Reality.

The AR-media™ Plugin comes up with a highly developed visualization functionality which brings the following benefits:

  • Analyzing scaled virtual prototypes in real surroundingss
  • Transmit 3D projects immersive and surprisingly

In order to activate AR-media™ Plugin, the users should require a individual computer, a webcam and a printed code affixed to the software. Various types of Head Mounted Displays, including eMagin, i-glasses™ are also supported.

The latest version AR-media™ Plugin v2.3 was released in September 2013. It is free and compatible with both Windows® XP/Vista/7/8 as well as Mac OS X 10.5 and later (Intel).

Download the latest free version

AR-media™ Plugin v2.3 for Trimble SketchUp™ for Windows® XP/Vista/7/8

AR-media™ Plugin v2.3 for Trimble SketchUp™ for Mac OS X 10.5 and later (Intel)

Key features available in the most updated version:

  • Exporter for Android devicesNEW - The users can now generate .armedia files which can be demonstrated applying AR-media™ Player for Android. Notes
  • Video objects support for iOS and Android devices: AR-media video objects are now presented in iOS Player and Android Player. Go through the notes for getting more information.
  • Geo-located models for iOS and Android devices: The users can now utilize iOS Playerand Android Player to show virtual models in the real world devoid of any marker.
  • Exporter for iOS devices: Now onwards the users will get the ability to produce .armedia files which can be showed with AR-media™ Player for iOS. Notes
  • Chroma key videos: The users can start videos formed with the chroma key technique (both green and blue screen is supported) like textures on your 3D objects.
  • Linked Markers: Now the users can present a solo model on two or more markers with the chance for showing the same object with diverse viewpoints.
  • Layers' Management: The users can position entities on dissimilar layers and display them separately throughout the AR visualization.
  • Timed Slideshow: The users can arrange their 3D contents as the same as a set of slides. In reality, each layer will be shown for a selected time interval and then substituted with the following layer.
  • Shadows: For getting a more practical visualization, the users can arrange the sunlight in SketchUp™ to spread shadows on 3D objects. Besides, the users can interrelate with this light source in real-time, changing it and altering the shadows' visualization.
  • Clipping/Sectioning: With this functionality, the users make sections of 3D objects in real-time.

Tutorial – Quick and Easy Augmented Reality from SketchUp

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