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PlusSpec - New SketchUp Plugin

Now this is no ordinary plug in. This Plug in is called PlusSpec. PlusSpec will draw walls, add windows, add rooves, add textures, add framework, internal linings and do an estimate on the materials with one click. There is so much to our plug in that there is too much to list in just one newsletter. Here is a link to a video & BETA testing which should commence next week. Check out the video.

To down load models all users need to log in and if they want more information on this new Sketchup revolution we encourage them to sign up for our news letter.

If you are interested in making us a headline in your release, I will email you an exclusive video link just for your readers. I know PlusSPec will change the way the world uses Sketchup and I would like to have you guys get exposure from it.

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