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Author : Imran Ashraf

How to apply SketchUp for tent modelling

Tent is growing rapidly. New designs, materials and concepts are coming every year. It is very important to be in market and keep yourself up to date with the latest designs and trends.

Shetchup by Google is very usefull and easy application for my use. I can design, make estimates, fabric cutting patterns, metal frame details and make 3d render to see the design, and discuss with the customer before manufacturing it.

Why Sketchup- In start, I tried to use AUTOCAD, but found it very difficult to use. Then I hired a CAD guy for my work. He had the knowledge of AutoCad but less knowledge of tent / structure designs so he was taking too much time for every job, Now which thing I can make in Sketchup in 20 minuits, he use to do the same thing in a week. (May be it was difficult in AutoCad or that smart guy was making his working hours).

I downloaded Shetchup 2 years back for the 1st time. The interface looked good and increased my interest in exploring it. I checked its help site, saw many models and tutorials on Youtube. Also came to know about Plugin and searched many and still using which are useful for my work.

Design Experience- I want to share one of many experiences of one job till its design to completion of the production.

The requirement was to make the Tunnel type 20 x32ft. It hardly too 2 hours to complete with all details and making its patterens.


  • Always do some paper work and make basic design and make rough work before making drawing in SketchUp.
  • Once you start, save the file by size ref, project name and its date for any data loss during work and reminding in future.
  • Re-checking the values to make sure that you are making correct dimensions for future surprise.
  • Do not go into decorative details like coloring or applying materials before finalizing the design. It will be heavy and difficult to handle if any change is required.
  • Always keep the hard copy of final design (Top, Front, Side, Back and ISO)

How to apply SketchUp for tent modelling

How to apply SketchUp for tent modelling

How to apply SketchUp for tent modelling

How to apply SketchUp for tent modelling

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