Review of SketchUp Pro 2013

Rajib Dey - Editor-in-chief

After SketchUp has been acquired by Trimble, the most significant development is that the introduction of SketchUp 2013. In SketchUp 2013 there will be an ecosystem useful for SketchUp modelers to acquire and apply the plug-in and extensions according to their choices. The new version also contains the powerful documentation and presentation features in the formation of Layout.

The previous brand of SketchUp free version is also changed. From now onwards the SketchUp free version will be known as SketchUp Make. All the icons inside SketchUp free version contain new look.

Trimble launches a new license agreement for the application of SketchUp Make. Trimble Navigation Limited and/or its affiliates ("Trimble") offer the users a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable and non-exclusive license to utilize the executable version of the Software for non-commercial utilization. Trimble does permit anybody to sell sell, rent, and lease or lend the output of the Software or the Services. If anybody uses the software or service for commercial purpose, he/she has to purchase a SketchUp Pro license.

In SketchUp 2013 the SketchUp users will find the most powerful Extension Warehouse. It is a respiratory of add-ons, plug-ins and extensions allowing the users to get seamless searchable access for all of them under one roof. The SketchUp users can customize and pull out their competences from scheduling to 3d printing. For more information go through the link SketchUp Make License agreement.

Extension Warehouse can be utilized to search, set up and update SketchUp plugins smoothly and effortlessly.

It acts as the application store of a smart phone and contains great lists, user reviews, download statistics, preparatory videos and lots more.

review of sketchup pro 2013

By applying extension warehouse one can get rid of searching from a plugins directory, extracting files and folders into proper locations in the file system. Inside SketchUp, one can avail a globe of bonus functionalities updated by a radical ecosystem of developers.

Extension Warehouse also consists of an in-built installation manager which makes the installation process easier. The user must contain a Google account with purpose of sign in and downloading extensions.

review of sketchup pro 2013

In extended warehouse the toolbar visibility is also improved with a superior toolbar arrangement. Now the users don't have to find each toolbar through the menu as a separate window will open to select any toolbar. In order to view the toolbars just mark the checkbox beside a toolbar. Besides the name, a line of text that explains how to apply the tool also becomes visible.

In SketchUp Pro 2013 there have been significant enhancements with layout features with the inclusion of a full fledge presentation mode for LayOut for generating scaled, annotated, and dimensioned drawings from models. The advancements are made in pattern fills, arrowheads, faster vector rendering, superior zoom, more functional callouts and other developments.

For users of both SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro, you have the additional new feature to export MP4 (H.264), AVI, or WebM of your SketchUp Scene animations.

Patter Fills: Now SketchUp users will be able to use patterns and hatches to their drawings to fill shapes in LayOut. Select from a extensive library of standard palette of patterns containing construction materials, geometric tiles, dot screens as well as soil, steel, wood, rubber, concrete etc. One can also form their favorite pattern by mingling solid colors with the patterns and import them into their own library. The patterns are rotatable and scalable.

Copy Array: The SketchUp users will be in a position to generate numerous copies of an object in SketchUp with the help of your keyboard. Also move a copy, type no of copies you require etc. Just type the letter x and press enter.

Numbered Pages: Now users can keep tracing the pages, print and export with the help of pages panel in Layout because pages panel now exhibit page number.

Improved zoom in capacity: The maximum zoom in capacity has been increased from 1000% (in previous version) to 10,000% i.e accelerate up to 10 times. This feature will facilitate the SketchUp users to detect the short line on their drawing more conveniently.

Faster Vector Rendering: In order to print a larger size drawing and generate a print with high resolution, it is necessary to put the model render type to vector. It will help to transform the lines showing smooth and minimize the load times for the most multifaceted models. The newly launched version of LayOut vector rendering is faster than previous version.

Video Export: The SketchUp 2013 contains a superior video export functionality which facilitates the users to export high-class video animation of your scene in SketchUp in a smaller file. All the videos will be made at 720p, prearranged in the most popular formats: H.264, AVI and WebM.

Dashes in Dimensions: In order to make precious details the dashes have been included to the non-metric dimension labels in LayOut for smooth reading. It will be visible like 9'-1".

Arrowheads: LayOut consists of skinny and smoother arrowheads showing much better on drawings with respect to the v8 interface. In 2013 version the arrowheads are created to arrange in a line perfectly with their line segments.

Upgrade and Support: While purchasing a new license for SketchUp Pro 2013, the users are also purchasing a year's worth of included upgrades (major and minor), email tech support, and phone support for installation and licensing issues. If anyone already possesses a SketchUp Pro license, requiring up-gradation to SketchUp Pro 2013, he/she can purchase the same Upgrade and Support program separately. Get more details about it here: Upgrading to SketchUp Pro 2013.

SketchUp Pro is available at volume discount rates commencing from $495.00 (plus $95.00 subscription) for 1-4 licenses. One can download the new version of SketchUp containing with an 8-day usage trial of the SketchUp Pro features.

You'll also want to check out some new video tutorials they have up on their Youtube channel.

SketchUp 2013 FAQ:If you have any query regarding the new license agreement, visit the faq page to get answers to all your.

SketchUp Pro Support Policy:In this page, the users will acquire brief information regarding the updated maintenance & support program for SketchUp Pro users.

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