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Sefaira Concept Release - SketchUp 2013

Sefaira Concept now fully supports SketchUp 2013. You can now upload SketchUp 2013 files directly to Concept, and use the Sefaira SketchUp Plugin with SketchUp 2013. Our customers can download the plugin at (Note that we’ll continue to support the most recent version of SketchUp 8 as well.)

In addition, this release includes some performance enhancements for runs with multiple strategies: they will now run faster than before.

Download Sefaira Concept SketchUp Plugin

Please be sure to uninstall the legacy Sefaira SketchUp Plugin before proceeding.

The Sefaira Concept SketchUp Plugin helps you quickly create Concept-ready SketchUp models. The plugin allows you to:

  • Visualize how Concept will interpret your model
  • Change entities that Concept has misinterpreted
  • Ignore objects that are not intended to be analyzed
  • View and correct surface normals
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