Sketchup Plugin Review

Free Lighting Plugin For Sketchup 8 is a software selection with 58 downloads. The most lightweight of them are LORVis (sized at 178,482) and EditInPlace (sized at 324,535), while the largest one is KeyShot Rhino Plugin with 544,870,058 bytes. It includes 27 freeware products like Plugin Commander Light and Light Alloy as well as commercial software like Maxwell for SketchUp 8 ($95) and LEDAS Driving Dimensions Plugin for SketchUp7 ($145)

OmniGrid - Cadalog Inc.: Omni Grid is a plug-in for SU Podium V2 or for SU Walk that allows you to create a grid of point lights or omni lights above or below a planar surface (SketchUp face).

Plugin Commander Light - The Plugin Site: Plugin Commander is a useful application for selecting, downloading and previewing plugins for image handling programs.

Light Alloy - Vortex Group, LLC: Light Alloy is a compact media player designed to help you play most of the popular multimedia formats.

Maxwell for SketchUp 8 - Next Limit Technologies: Maxwell for Google SketchUp offers users the benefits of advanced rendering.

LEDAS Driving Dimensions Plugin for SketchUp7 - LEDAS Ltd.: Driving Dimensions is a plug-in for Google SketchUp that allows you to make parametric changes of any 3D model in very simple and intuitive way.

NewBlue Light Effects for Windows - NewBlue: NewBlue Light Effects delivers stylized lighting tools for an electrifying mood or specialized look.

4D VB Light for SketchUp - D-STUDIO: Create 4D models entirely in SketchUp (with the use of 4D functions) in no time.

Vividas Player Plugin - Vividas: Vividas Player Plugin offers fully hardware accelerated video playback on PCs.With the vivPlayer generator, webcasters can create a stand alone vivPlayer page that they can download and host in just...

Veetle Broadcaster Plugin - Veetle, Inc: Veetle is a browser´s add-on needed to be able to watch Veetle´s streaming media.

LTplus SketchUP Plugin - ArchitektenInitiative e.V.: This plug-in lets you import DXF files into Google Sketch-up.

eDrawings for SketchUp - Geometric Ltd.: Publish, share and collaborate with read-only representations of your Google SketchUp models with eDrawings.

NVIDIA Maya plugin - NVIDIA: The Maya Cg Plug-in allows artists to author and visualize content in Maya 4.5 and Maya 5.0 using advanced hardware rendering and the Cg high level language.

EA SPORTS Gameface Browser Plugin - Electronic Arts: Ea SPORTS Gameface Browser Plugin is a small application that gives you access to the Game Face creation centre.

Southern Lights - WinMXUnlimited: An easy to use tool that allows you to display the songs you are listening to in your favorite WinMX chat rooms.

KeyShot Rhino Plugin - The KeyShot user interface makes the 3D rendering and animation process simple and fast.

MaxMedia Light - ML Software & Services: MaxMedia is an easy-to-use professional multimedia authoring tool, for inexperienced and advanced users.

Dolet Light for Finale - Recordare LLC: Dolet for Finale is a smart and handy Finale plug-in that reads and writes MusicXML 2.0 files for the highest accuracy available.

Curves - Curvemeister: Curvemeister is a plugin for Photoshop that allows to edit images by controlling curves, which is a very popular and effective method of improving image quality, compensating color and fixing...

SU Walk - Cadalog, Inc.: SU Walk is a stand alone walk thru/ fly thru animation program for SketchUp.

Renditioner Express - IMSI/Design, LLC: Renditioner Express is a photorealistic rendering plug-in to Trimble SketchUp 8.

LightUp Player - Billyard Enterprises: LightUp can add lighting to your SketchUp model and view the results all inside Google SketchUp.

ModelFunction - Sector A.f.s: This is a Sketchup plugin which provides the easy creation of sketchup models while: Maintaining the design intent of 3D models.

IDX Renditioner - IMSI/Design: IDX Renditioner works directly inside SketchUpT. Setup is as easy as it gets.

SkunkVisionVVS - VirindiPlugins: SkunkVision VVS Edition is a VVS port of the Decal plugin Skunkvision for making visible in game some things you ordinarily can't see.

StarFilter Pro - ProDigital Software: StarFilter Pro is a plug-in for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and compatible image editors that you can use to add strikingly beautiful star filter effects to your images digitally, without the use of...

SkunkVision - Greg Kusnick: SkunkVision is a Decal plugin for making visible in game some things you ordinarily can't see.

LORVis - Merit Wilkinson: A Windows Media Player visualization plug-in for your Light-O-Rama controller.

AKVIS LightShop - AKVIS: AKVIS LightShop is a program that allows you to create amazing light effects.

SoundGraffiti - SoundGraffiti: Visualization plugin for WinAmp. Laser effect It is possible to look at it as look at fire.

Filter Forge Freepack 2 - Photo Effects - Filter Forge, Inc.: On the surface, Filter Forge is just a Photoshop plugin, a pack of filters that generate textures, create visual effects, enhance photos, process images.

SketchUpBIM - PixelTech: SketchUpBIM is a free plugin for Google SketchUp. It provides simple tools that make it easier to model buildings and engineering structures.

PlayUp Tools - PlayUp Tools: PlayUp is a plugin for SketchUp that allows people to create and export content to a 3D game engine.This software application supports master material files in CryEngine 3 and you must enable this...

MAX2AE - Boomer Labs: MAX2AE is a full featured plugin for 3ds MAX (9, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012) and higher that bridges the gap between MAX and After Effects.

Magic Bullet QuickLooks - Red Giant Software: With this plugin you can give your footage just the right look in seconds, whether it is an urban grunge, a desert sunrise, or the film stocks used in classic movies.

Sapphire Plug-ins for Adobe After Effects - GenArts: Sapphire Plugins is a package of image processing and synthesis effects for use with Adobe After Effects and compatible products.

NewBlue ColorFast for Windows - NewBlue: NewBlue ColorFast is an integrated plugin that streamlines both color correction and color grading.

Photo Toolkit - VicMan Software: Photo Toolkit is a photo editing tool that will help you to optimize, retouch and even add funny effects to your photos.

OmniGrid - Cadalog Inc.: Omni Grid is a plug-in for SU Podium V2 or for SU Walk that allows you to create a grid of point lights or omni lights above or below a planar surface (SketchUp face).

Zortam Mp3 Player - Zortam Corporation: Zortam MP3 Player is a small application that allows you to reproduce mp3 audio files, and play m3u playlists while visualizing lyrics, album covers, and background pictures.

Doctor Aquarium - SeaApple Software: Doctor Aquarium is an innovative aquarium automation assistant that monitors the health of your aquarium and takes actions so it will not get sick.

LightMachine - Harald Heim & The Plugin Site: LightMachine is a useful plug-in that you can easily add to your favorite graphic editor.

PowerHome - PowerHome Automation LLC: PowerHome is a home automation software package that allows you to control your home's lighting, appliances, security, and your Home Theater.

Topaz Star Effects - Topaz Labs: Features: -Easily add sparkling, realistic star effects -Enhance or reorient the look of light from source points -Effortlessly add excitement and drama, or even change the entire mood of...

Filter Forge - Filter Forge, Inc.: Filter Forge is just a Photoshop plugin, a pack of filters that generate textures, create visual effects, enhance photos, process images.Filter Forge comes with a visual node-based editor allowing...

Pro Motion - Cosmigo: pro motion is a drawing and animation software for Windows designed similar to the famous Amiga Deluxe Paint (DPaint).

Backdrop Creator Pro - Damon Bell: This script is used to create digital backdrops for your images.

FalNET G19 Display Manager - FalNET: The FalNET G19 Display Manager is a software for the Logitech G19 keyboard.

Texture Maker - Reichert Software Engineering: Texture Maker is a seamless texture generator and designer. The application contains everything needed to create seamless textures for use in 3D rendering packages, game development, web graphics,...

Pixelfusion - QO Labs: Pixelfusion is a WMP plug-in which removes the "blurry" effect of a video.

Hackman Suite - TechnoLogismiki: Hackman Suite is a multi-module all purpose debugging tool. It includes a hex editor, a disassembler, a template editor, a hex calculator and other everyday useful tools to assist programmers and...

Bytessence PasswordManager - Bytessence: Bytessence PasswordManager is a free / open source personal information management tool, created from the need of remembering data like logins and passwords for different websites.

Recomposit - Stepok Image Lab.: Recomposit is a masking and composition tool, it support two advanced masking (digital matting) methods: Bluescreen and inside/Outside edge.

PR White Balance (WhiBal only) - PowerRetouche: Extremely versatile white balance and color cast filter. You can set any filter color imaginable and any special behavior on the light.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio - Zortam Corporation: Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is a powerful all-in-one MP3 utility.

AC3D - Inivis Limited: AC3D creates 3D models for games, virtual reality and flight simulation, scientific, medical and general data visualization, rapid prototypes of 3D designs, high resolution 3D renderings, Google...

TESS Component Libraries - Thermal Energy System Specialists, LLC: Each of the component libraries comes with a TRNSYS Model File (*.tmf) to use in the Simulation Studio interface, source code, and an example TRNSYS Project (*.tpf) that demonstrates typical uses of...

CopyWriter - Laurenz van Gaalen: CopyWriter is a basic text editor very similar to window's note pad.

Tone Mapping Plug-In - HDRsoft: Tone Mapping Plug-In is a Photoshop plug-in designed to reveal details in highlights and shadows occurring in HDR images.

Sketchup Plugin Review