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Discover VJTI on Google Earth

Have you ever tried the ground level view on Google Earth? Google Earth - a virtual globe of stitched together sub-meter high resolution satellite photos of the Earth.

This geographical information program also brings in trillions of scientific information with applications ranging from the measurement of distance between two locations to estimation of forest biomass and carbon.

The Google Earth terrain is becoming increasingly realistic to explore, since Google is adding 3-D models of major buildings.

With the help of Building Maker and street view imagery (available only in some countries) or Google SketchUp 8, you can now create a 3-D model of any structure around you, including your own house and submit it to Google.

Google SketchUp officially encourages people to join the worldwide Geo-modeling community, and help put every village, town, and city on the 3-D map.

If your model qualifies the 3-D layer acceptance criteria, it is accepted by Google and becomes visible on Google Earth.

This is attracting budding architects and modelers worldwide. This can also aid local governments in carrying out their town planning functions.

You can find, share, store, and collaborate 3-D models on the Google 3D Warehouse. The easiest way to share your model with the millions of Google Earth users is to upload it to the Google 3D Warehouse.

Due to the efforts of the incipient engineers in VJTI, you can now explore VJTI too in 3-Dimensions on Google Earth. Fly to VJTI, Mumbai on Google Earth and take a virtual tour of this 16 acre campus.

The huge campus of VJTI, one of the leading engineering colleges in Mumbai, can now be discovered on clicks. So you will no more be lost in the campus during your first visit!

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