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Author : Suttipong Robkham

My story with sketchup

“I first got hooked on SketchUp about four or five years ago and, once I realized how easy it was to quickly generate an exterior model and interior model, I've been using it for most of my custom design projects. It's common for us to work with customers remotely via email, and then it's great to be able to email them PDF's or JPG’s of the preliminary floor plans and a copy of the SketchUp model for their review.”

When I start a new project, I usually start with a drawing on paper. Then make a three-dimensional computer to present to the client. It will take a long time and it is very hard to make our customers can see all the. But for SketchUp is not. SketchUp can make model and solve a very simple form. And customers can see and understand the first ideas. After we work with customers. We can develop an initial draft with a plug-in on the SketchUp program and we use it made the final design form presents. Buildings under design conditions. Short period of time required to make an appointment to meet a client. Choose one of the designer's works to help save time and visualize the project is complete. The model with the sketch up to create a rough image. And see the project details in a story height space consumption, which in the current sketch up is a plug-in help in rendered has not lost 3d max ever when combined with technical, personal, and therefore is the way. Choose one of the presentations. Presentation as well and very fast. Savings also for those who want to save your budget, too.And delivered to customers to build.

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