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Author : Global Associates Team

SketchUp Rendering Using V-Ray - An online course by Brian Bradley

Brian Bradley has presented this useful online course focusing on how to render with sketchup and v-ray. Be familiar with generating pragmatic 3D architectural drawings with V-Ray. The sketchup users can learn how to go with a solo scene involving interior & exterior elements and insert lights, shift cameras and develop objects with transparent and reflective surfaces.

In this rendering course Brian Bradley has also described briefly the conceptions associated with irradiance mapping, perspective correction, and fixed rate sampling. He also explains how to control each of the V-Ray tools as well as its material and lighting types for producing exact effects.

Brian Bradley has highlighted on the following topics:-

  • Set up V-Ray
  • Make natural daylight with V-Ray Sun and Sky
  • Bouncing light around with irradiance mapping and light caches
  • Setting up a depth-of-field effect
  • Generate diffuse and reflective surfaces
  • Perform with the Adaptive DMC engine
  • Maneuver color mapping
  • Put in caustic lighting and occlusion effects

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 SketchUp Rendering Using V-Ray - An online course

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