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Author : Global Associates Team

Mixamo introduced Fuse, the latest Universal 3D Character Creator For Steam

Maximo, the leading solution provider in 3D character animation, just released Fuse. It is a collective expandable character originator that makes a sea change in 3D modeling and texturing.

Fuse empowers users to create superior quality, royalty-free 3D characters instantly by surfing , resizing, modifying and merging several body parts, textures, materials, clothing and accessories.

This newly launched software is incorporated with Mixamo’s online 3D animation platform and through which the users will be able to animate their Fuse characters efficiently.

In future the users will be able to generate, allocate and include their own smart textures as well as custom-modeled body parts, clothes and accessories to Fuse.

After finishing their Fuse characters, the users will be able to save and import them (in completely editable .obj format) into their games, machinimas, films, or 3D software; Auto-Rig them, explore numerous superior quality animations, and include motions to their models rapidly.

Fuse can be accessible on Steam with a reduction of 50% ($49 instead of $99) and a compilation of 64 body parts (including, TF2, military, zombie, generic character assets), 57 clothing items and 25 smart textures.

Fuse Basic is also obtainable for free containing 28 body parts (including TF2, some generic character assets), 25 clothing items and 10 smart textures. The two versions are released with identical feature sets. The first smart texture DLC is also accessible on Steam with a 57% discount ($29.99, down from $69.99).

Mixamo introduced Fuse, the latest Universal 3D Character

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