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Hello! Please tell us something about your background.

My name is Belén, I'm 31 years old and I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I am a Technical Architect and authorized trainer for Trimble SketchUp. For more than 10 years now SketchUp is my main tool, either for training or to make several constructive info graphics.

I am interested in the world of Education and Architecture, and would like to be part of such projects where I could possibly develop my professional skills as much as possible.

When and how did you discover Sketchup?

My first contact with the program was in 2002, four years before being bought by Google. At that time, I was at college, studying the 2nd year of a Technical Architecture degree. I combined my studies with a part-time job as an intern in the Graphics Department of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona).

It was at this Department, where I used the software for the first time. The interface and system use were similar, but processed slowly and lacked many of the tools that highlight this program as the "3d warehouse", the connection with Google Earth, various tools like "Follow Me", "Sections "or manager of shadows ... and not forgetting its limited import and export formats.

What is the most significant aspect of Sketchup?

In my opinion, the best feature of SketchUp is how quickly you can draw. I think the way SketchUp combines modeling tools with 3D space management (orbiting, references to other elements ...) ... is really fantastic!

I must not forget to say that the 3D Warehouse, is also fabulous.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all the people that is hanging their models there. Thanks and keep it up!

Using sketchup for live mapping

What types of projects do you generally accomplish with Sketchup? What are some of the most impressive projects you’ve worked on?

In my early years of contact with SketchUp, during my collaborations with the University, performing different projects on 3D surveys of cities and towns of my country with cultural attractions such as Barcelona, Arenys de Mar etc...

A few years later, we put together a great educational project with SketchUp for architecture students. In SketchUp-Ur-Space I wrote about it, "The creation of an Innovative Didactic resource with SketchUp."

In 2010 I started as an authorized trainer of SketchUp in Barcelona, through Iscar Software Architecture S.L., SketchUp Partner Company in Spain. I am currently doing-forming. I must confess that I love to teach this program ... to see the happy faces of my students is priceless!

Currently I also do 3D architectural surveys of buildings, specifically renders of finished and renders of construction processes. I am currently working on a project of a house that has an estimated budget of 3 million Euros.

One of the costly and most important projects where I worked was performing 3D construction process of a warehouse for HONDA. It was an object of great magnitude with planning of work marked by several handicaps which required technical knowledge on building and graphics ... and with a delivery time of no more than 3 weeks! Thanks to the speed and performance of SketchUp I could finish the job within the deadline.

As a technical Architect, how do you evaluate Sketchup?

SketchUp is one of my main tools. Thanks to its easy handling, speed and power, I can make visually attractive projects in record time. It's like modeling with my own hands! Therefore, my evaluation of SketchUp is excellent! I recommend to all professional architects proving SketchUp! They mustn’t stop using it!

What are your wish lists for Sketchup in 2014?

My first wish is that… The program integrates photorealistic render tools including artificial lights. Other wish... is to improve the precision of sandbox tools and create new tools for organic modeling. Do not forget to improve section tools: It would be interesting to make section cuts more complicated, I mean, not linear, at different planes. Also, sandbox tools could work with different line weights and to integrate textures and pattern fills.

And the last to complement the 3D Ware House with a database of materials and textures.

Using sketchup for live mapping

You perform as the SketchUp Authorized Trainer for Spain and the Community Manager of SketchUp Barcelona. Please tell us something about that?

The initial objective of SketchUp Barcelona was able to communicate with students who had completed the course of SketchUp with me. I considered that Facebook and Twitter were good platforms to keep in touch with them, and answer questions, inform them of the developments concerning and keep them updated with new features. I must confess that it is my way to stay current in a rapidly changing world like this.

What began in 2011 as a limited project has now evolved to become an international network with over a thousand followers of different world countries such as Argentina, Indonesia, Peru, Ukraine, Vietnam . We keep working!

creation of an innovative didactic resource with sketchup

What are your suggestions for becoming a successful architect?

To work with passion and perseverance, to believe in your own projects of the moment without losing sight of the future. And the most important of all, never give up...!

What suggestions do you want to provide for Sketchup our space team?

I think you do an excellent job; my suggestion is simply that you continue working as before!

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