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Author : Global Associates Team

How to create an Attribute Report with sketchup

It can only be performed with Sketchup Pro version.

An Attribute Report denotes a comma separated or html file involving all the attributes and value in a model or in a selection. An attribute report will also consist of all Dynamic component attributes if the model contains any Dynamic Components are.

The sketchup users have to maintain the following procedures to create an Attribute Report:

Choose the Select Tool to opt for one or more entities in the model. The bounding box related to each chosen entity will be highlighted.

The context menu of the components will be visible after Context-click on the component.

Choose File and click on the Generate Report. The Generate Report dialog is demonstrated.

Select the All model attributes button to save a report containing all attributes in your model or get on the existing selection attributes to save a report with the attributes in your current selection.

In order to produce either an HTML or CSV file, select the Generate HTML file button or Generate CSV file button.

To save the Attribute Report, select the Save button. After that a dialog box will be shown.

Check the Yes button to show the Attribute Report. The report will be generated in Microsoft Excel (or any program that can display .csv files).

How to create an Attribute Report with sketchup

The users will be able to choose all components like all cabinets, in a scene having costs attributes. Then, apply the SUM formula in Microsoft Excel (after producing an Attribute Report) to find out the total cost concerning all items in the selection set. This same method can be repeated to work out total board feet for wood utilized in a project, and so on.

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