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Super Modeler Weekend for SketchUp users

On Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th of May, the SketchUp Pro Super Modelers will organize a special modeling party in Eindhoven. This event is sponsored by Design8. On Friday the 24th there will be a crash course SketchUp for beginners and on Saturday the 25th there will be a special modeling event for the more experienced user.

Friday May 24: Crash Course SketchUp On Friday, May 24 there is a crash course SketchUp scheduled for beginners. During this three hour course, highly experienced SketchUp users will give you a detailed explanation of the various tools of SketchUp and they will give you tips & tricks to speed up your modeling process. Design8 will be present with 3D Printer to show how you can make a tangible plastic object from a 3D SketchUp model.

Details: Date and Time: Friday, May 24 at 09:00, Location: de Zwarte Doos, Den Dolech 2, Eindhoven (NL), Maximum number of contestants: 20, Costs: € 45,- per person. E-mail your subscription to Lennart AKA Milo Minderbinder

Saturday, May 25: Modeling PartyFor the more experienced SketchUp user and for those who want to use their knowledge of the crash course, there will be a Modeling Party on Saturday, May 25. During this workshop 3D building modeling for Google Earth will be discussed. Of course it is also an excellent opportunity for you to meet other users and exchange knowledge together.

Details:Date and Time: Staurday, May 25 at 10:00, Location: Kerkstraat 36a, Eindhoven (NL), Maximum number of contestants: 40, Costs: € 5,- per person (incl. free Wi-Fi and a cup of coffee). Please fill in this web form for subscription

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