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Author : Jhin Tabuzo, Architect

My story with SketchUp

I am Arch. Jhin B. Tabuzo Jr. from Manila, Philippines currently working as a Sr. Architect in one of the leading Engineering Design firm in Doha, Qatar and also conducting review classes and as a mentor for those Filipinos seeking professional license as an Architect by taking the Board Examination for Philippine Architects also in Qatar.

My story with sketchup - By Jhin Tabuzo, Architect

I have been using Sketch Up only a year ago when one of my reviewed posted in his FB account his sample rendered works and I asked about it and I thought that it was done in 3D Max, to my surprise that he said to me that he used Sketch Up 3D software wherein it was new to me and it’s the first time I’ve heard about it, being a Sr. Architect in my current office, i have not been involved much in any rendering nor drafting works since my scope of works are designing, coordination, supervision and handling clients requirements for approval most of the time.

My story with sketchup - By Jhin Tabuzo, Architect

I’ve first started using Sketch Up 7 at that time and at present I am using Sketch Up Pro 8, since then I’ve never stopped using it and been doing most of my projects with 3D views for my clients preliminary approval of the massing, character and elevation design.

My story with sketchup - By Jhin Tabuzo, Architect

I started slowly understanding the modeling commands until I got satisfied of just making enough and good presentation for all my projects, I can say that it is really very helpful to me as a Sr. Architect coz I have found a fast and easy to present 3D views to my clients and boosted my confidence and widen my skills as an Architect in terms of presentations.

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