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Author : Wilken Dondon Eupalao

My Story With SketchUp

I'm Wilken Dondon Eupalao, an upcoming 3rd year student in Purificacion Dolar Monfort College a Western Visayas College of Science and Technology Branch in Dumangas, Iloilo Philippines. I'm 18 years old. I like to draw, sketch and paint. I've started using SketchUp when I was in 2nd year college. I've thought SketchUp is Boring.

When I firstly joined the group SketcUp VRay Artists in Facebook It inspired me a lot to use SketchUp. I've seen many amazing and excellent works/renders. I've had many questions on how to use VRay in SketcUp. Every time that I have a free time I go to our classroom to use computer in learning VRay and SketchUp. Every bit of new discovery and inspiring renders has inspired me a lot.

I've posted my renders to get comments and criticism of other SketchUp user's. I've learned a lot on those people who helped me. Step by Step, I studied tutorials to make my work improved and good.

As time goes by, I totally wanted to have a render like other's done. Every render take's a new evolution. I laughed when I have seen my first render; I thought that it is not easy for me to learn the settings and materials to use. I'm like a bird wanted to fly high to see the ground under my feet, wanted to have a sight of inspiration. On and on, I render, render and render. As long as how far I have reached and how my render has changed. I'm happy that there are people who wanted to share their ideas.

I've share my ideas to my classmates whom also wanted to learn, every idea I learned from others, I share it with my classmates. I'm happy that there are some people who like my works. But for me, my renders are just my feet to step in the stair of improvement.

As I use SketchUp, I have to step up and learn more. Learn and share with brothers and sisters. Thank you for reading!

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