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Author : Jean-Luc Clauss

Combining SketchUp styles in LayOut

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Combining SketchUp styles in LayOut

In SketchUp the Styles Dialog Box is one of the most interesting feature. Did you ever dream to apply different styles to your model ? This tutorial will show you how to combine multiple style effects to enhance your SketchUp rendering.

Step 1

In SketchUp, divide your model into3 grounds.


Step 2

In the Layers Dialog box create 3 layers and be sure to assign each ground to a corresponding layer as in our example :

Road+people+car on the Layer named : 01 FOREGROUND
Art Gallery building on the Layer named : 02 BACKGROUND
Urban background on the Layer named : 03 THIRD GROUND


Step 3

Create 3 scenes of your model and be sure they have the same camera settings. Name each scene according to the layers names.


Step 4

In each scene enable only the visibility of the layer corresponding on the scene. Apply the style of your choice in the different scenes. But be aware : for the FOREGROUND and the BACKGROUND, use styles with plain colored background and without watermark. Don't forget to update the properties of the scenes.


Step 5

Save your sketchup file and open LayOut. Click on your SketchUp file and drag it into the LayOut window.

Step 6

Resize the SketchUp window that you inserted as needed and place it in the center of your document.

Step 7

In the LayOut Layers box create 3 different layers using the same names as the SketchUp layers. Be sure the order of your layers respect the order of the grounds.


Step 8

Create 2 superimposed copies of your SketchUp inserted window. You have now 3 windows. In the first place, assign each window to a different layer.


In the second place, through the context menu, assign a different scene to each window. In our example, we will have this :

scene 01 FOREGROUND for the window inserted on layer 01 FOREGROUND
scene 02 BACKGROUND for the window inserted on layer 02 BACKGROUND
scene 03 THIRD GROUND for the window inserted on layer 03 THIRD GROUND


Step 10

Select the window representing the FOREGROUND and the BACKGROUND. In the SketchUp Model dialog box, disable the Background. According to what we said on step 3, it is only possible to disable plain colored backgrounds of non-watermarked styles.


The result will be this :


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