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Author : Rajib Dey

Cubify Invent can make a sea change in 3D printing technology

3D Systems unveils the launching of Cubify(R) Invent(TM). It is a powerful 3D 'Create-To-Print' Design

With Cubify invent, the users can easily transform the most multifaceted designs into 3D printables. Cubify Invent is an easy to use design tool for windows facilitating spit out your creations in vibrant ABS plastics swiftly.

The software has been designated specifically for the Cube and with the Cube audience in mind.

Cubify Invent supports import of STEP, IGES, SAT, or SolidWorks files, together with the choice to "heal" files that might not jive with the program. Files will be saved in the program's particular .fun format or like .stl files.

Cubify Invent is a good CAD program that can export STL files to work very well with MeshCAM.

Cubify Invent is a very powerful tool to get all your ideas to life, from visualizing in 3D to transforming them real on a 3D printer like the Cube.

Cubify members have the right to use cloud-printing services for their creations or print their designs on Cube(R)

The newly launched tool is priced at $49. The users can also download a 14-days free trial by going through the following link

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